Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another year.

Another year, means another year to try & live a healthier life, kick some bad habits out the door and to lose weight. I may not have been on track last year but there is no harm in trying again this year. For many reasons there are definitely some things that need to change & I really need to do it this year. I need a big kick in the bum & I'm glad the hubs is quite good at that! As I sparked up this morning he decided to announce his plan of quitting & going cold turkey & that I should probably do the same. Note: We managed to kick the nicotine habit in 2008: I lasted a month, he managed a year and in all honesty the reason he got back into the habit was because I was still puffing away & that we were surrounded by smokers when we were living in China (50 odd outdoor instructors and 40 out of the 50 smoke!). Its bizzare everyone assumes outdoor instructors/educators are super health conscious.  Outdoor Instructors may look physically fit and could run a mile without breaking a sweat (in reality we're not; we have some of the biggest drinkers and nicotine addicts in our industry! PS: There are obviously some who are super healthy-so not ALL people in this industry are binge drinkers or heavy smokers-thats just me gross generalising!). On a positive note: I am proud of my alcohol consumption in 2012; the odd glass here and there but I think binge drinking is no longer part of my life. So here's to a new year of trying again. I may fail and make mistakes a couple of times but hey at least I'm trying.
Something to think about:
"If your food can go bad, it's good for you. If it can't go bad its bad for you"
Translation: Anything with preservatives/instant/tinned etc aren't good for you. Always go for fresh food!

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